How the Netflix Prize Was Won

Netflix adopted an interesting approach to understanding buyer behaviour.  How the Netflix Prize Was Won Posted using ShareThis

Critical to buyer’s decision are the ‘how’ and ‘why’ and people change both of these things according to need.

It is this ability to change, along with the ‘how and why of change’ is explored by Neuropersona behaviours and the ability of people to learn about their buying options and learn about the problem that needs to be solved or the solution provided by buying a particular product or service.

Twitter is one way to help a ‘proximity’ community understand the relationship between action and problems and solutions.   Looking through a Story Lens or at the story, process, software, brand and measures of someone as they focus on a problem or solution is another. 

Contests, like the Netflix prize, seem to be all the rage and why not.  They provide a hefty amount of PR though it is difficult to take the ideas to market as it is difficult to work them into the organization.  Consider that the ‘new idea or innovation’ is at its core ‘different’.  The different spans its entire Story Lens; its story is ‘odd’ and processes and software currently in place doesn’t accomodate it easily, it must be worked into the brand in some way and there is the bigger debate about how is it measured and how does it affect the current success measures in place.

Note that Netflix is not repeating the experiment, and while it may seem that it was a class action suit related to privacy that influenced this decision, my feeling is that beyond the PR value most contests are make work projects.


Nick Trendov

How the Netflix Prize Was Won Posted using ShareThis


Twitter This

How many ways can you follow somebody around?

Twitter would have you believe that everybody can tell everybody what they are doing 24/7, but why would this be necessary or rather when would this be necessary?

Social is good, networking is brilliant but constant interruption and assessment as to the value of the TWIT who just TWITTERED may be considered to be sensory deprivation and possibly detremental to your mental health.

Of course Twitter does well but for most people who get bombarded ignorance is bliss.

How do you selectively ignore TWITS?

Tell people only to send you what is important to your NeuroPersona or Persona or use a Story Lens filter.