Quantum Mechanics (II)

Quantum Mechanics (II)  Originally uploaded by ambientlight

Great image which I posted to provide a visual perspective to my observation of Yahoo’s ‘Quantum Innovation’.


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For centuries storytellers have been expanding perspectives with their craft but there is a physical impact of stories.

Tell a proper story to a child, ideally one that is about an hour long, and they will literaly become the story. After a few tellings the story provides them the ability to remember rich story lines and complex relationships outside of that story.

Even though it is a short story look for “The Three Thieves” which is an older and raw version of “The Emperor has No Clothes”.

A rich story, the longer the better, expands brains.

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Persona, DNA and the Buyology Myth

A Persona is a mask that represents stories and behaviours linked to people and may be worn or discarded at will.  A person may wear many Persona masks during their day and as professionals who serve we would do well to pay attention to the Persona behaviour of our clients which can change quickly rather than our perception of their physical behaviour which we will never truly understand.

This is in stark contrast to the marketing notion of market segment labels and behaviours, even in it’s most recent innovative incantation, Buy-ology.

As we explore the concept of Personae, behaviours and stories that span Persona masks to mimic human DNA we must consider that the concepts central to understanding behaviour are thousands of years old.  These ancient ideas are finally being ‘re-discovered’ in different forms.

Some unique and interesting work has been done by Luca Turin where he makes the link made between the senses of smell, taste and the neurology of memory as well as human behaviour.

This is a breath of fresh air compared to the simplistic idea of Buyology where there are plenty of labels or rather re-naming of old and somtimes confused ideas.

For those interested in exploring further I posted a quick response with a cultural knowledge reference in Australia currently the home of the Buyology author.  While I believe the stories are entertaining, they appear to highlight Buy-ology as original and new.  In addition to Turin’s work consider the concept of navigation which is important to people in many ways.  If we are exposed to a new story with two or more simultaneous perspectives it becomes easier for us to remember and understand where to place the new story in our storage of ideas and experiences.  This is a simple navigational construct.  Buy-ology places significant value on exposing messages to people combining scent, auditory, written or observed behaviour.  More than one makes it easier to understand. Turin says it better and while he takes credit for connecting smell with sound related to smell, I believe that he doesn’t dwell on the obvious.

Make your own conclusions after reading, it will be worth your time.


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