Monkey See, Monkey Do

Scientists tend to place considerable emphasis on something called the ‘MIRROR TEST’ where one animal, perhaps a monkey, sees another monkey doing something and same parts of the brain of both monkeys becomes excited, the one doing the action and the one observing.

There are a number of simple ways to explain this without the baggage of science. 

  1. Living vicariously through the exploits of someone else. 
  2. Envy
  3. I saw someone do it and therefore I know how to do it, whether it is climbing a mountain or doing a double reverse dunk on the basketball court.

Why is this important to Marketers?

Apparently they believe that if they can stimulate the brain of someone with a message that excites the same part of the brain as someone who ‘recommends’ a product the message has been successful.  A considerable amount of energy and ‘science’ is devoted to ‘proving’ which messages will excite the part of the brain necessary to stimulate the buying public.  fMRI machines and EEG techniques are touted as often as possible andreams of academic tests are quoted to achieve the desired result.

What is worse, look at the number of academics enrolled in or teaching fMRI applied to marketing. 

Monkey see, Monkey do.

Be careful of this simple outlook especially if you spend money with marketers.  You may be the real monkey in the interaction.





WOMANIZER is a brilliant Brain Echo and highlights the hot topic of neuroscience marketing or neuromarketing.

The BRAIN ECHO  was discovered by accident when we looked at music that keeps repeating in your mind.  Think of an event where people gather, a party, dinner, movie or community gathering.  A good time is had by all and the next day the people who attended call each other to share experiences, stories and feelings.  They may write about it in their journals or post to blogs but eventually the attention paid to the event receeds just like a series of echos where each echo has a little less volume than the one before.

Enter WOMANIZER and see how to  boost the volume of the music playing in the event we all know as BRITTANY’s COMEBACK and consider how we can apply the same techniques and tools to boost the volume in any marketing campaign with three simple steps–The event, community, volume booster or BRAIN ECHO.

Brittany’s career is a series of events and there is a large community or series of communities that follows her brand.  Recently her career has receeded for any number of reasons and an attempted re-start in 2007 failed, it did not have the juice to start a BRAIN ECHO.  Then came CIRCUS and WOMANIZER.

WOMANIZER is brilliant, basically a repeat of one word with words and video that aligns with Brittany’s image and the myth needed by the music industry.  Blogs went wild–analysis, surveys, posts, counter-posts and enough buzz was created to shame the APPLE/Steve Jobs hype machine.

WOMANIZER echoed in brains across blogs and brains across the world and worked backwards into the faithful Brittany communities to pump up the volume.

Marketers spend billions of dollars attempting to create what Brittany accomplished and to no avail so lets look at the patterns that her business managers used to focus on three core success patterns: 

  1. Community, it’s easier to engage a community if they trust the person, product or story.  
  2. Deliver raw material for customers (music industry, bloggers…) to create their own content and let that content sell the product.  
  3. NeuroScience Marketing best practice is to focus on what drives behaviour in a Persona, not product. 

WOMANIZER built on a failed comeback attempt in 2007 which was successful in re-connecting Brittany to her communities as a person.  In 2008 Brittany was the search term of the year so getting the music industry and other bloggers who depend on traffic interested was a no brainer.  Content was spewed out every day causing a frenzy.

The key element of the content creation was targeting behaviours not product.  Once behaviours were accomodated and aligned then buzz was crafted and built like a TSUNAMI.  This was done using NeuroPersona constructs.  Content was delivered with story elements that helped bloggers, analysts and editors deliver ‘unique’ content on Brittany fast.  Content was pumped down standard channels and branded, co-branded and occassionally de-branded.  The numbers and metrics were included so that no time was wasted in re-purposing the content to add to the web frenzy.

As a song WOMANIZER is ok but as a piece of a larger event orchestrated for NeuroScience marketing exploiting Neuropersona constructs, it is brilliant.

A BRAIN ECHO crafted by a STORY LENS to align content to the community and value chain and ensure success.