Social Media and SEO

Social Media sites offer tremendous opportunities to serve people and understand themes of thought and activity.  It is the themes, stories and associated keywords that connect Social Media to the requirements of SEO professionals who serve their clients by lifting content up towards the top of the SERP or Search Engine Results Page.

Once content is ranked highly in Google, BING or Yahoo it is availabe for visitors or seekers to find and ideally buy, download or leave something behind so both the site owner and visitor benefit.

Most web and social media sites however are awkward from the perspectives of visitors or seekers of content or products and we have used SpeedSynch tools to create Social Media Neuropersona to make life easier for content seekers.

How is this done?

Close your eyes and think of a beach scene and then open your eyes.  Close your eyes and think of watching a Argentina and Spain in the FIFA final world cup game.  When you thought about those two different themes different content appeared to you.

This is what is possible using Neuroperona tools.  Web and Social Media content is adjusted to suit different people’s behaviours.





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