3D TV Revolution is Upon Us – CNBC

3D TV Revolution is Upon Us – CNBC.

The intersection of 3D Entertainment, 3D Mobile, 3D Video and 3D Flat Screen TV.

Sony leads and will not miss this time.


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Japan Persona

Persona in Japan are gaining followers in the corporate world as the value of the technique becomes known.

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Japan Persona -- Basic Approach

Image from http://www.personadesign.net/en/index.html

Why did I re-brand persona to Neuropersona? 

I have observed over the past 12 years that the persona approach has been used by companies who find that the old market segment approach does not help them serve customers or compete in the marketplace.  While the behaviour focus of persona tools is very good, it is possible to quickly add more value to the approach.

1.  Each persona is a ‘mask’ is made up of behaviours and can be changed anytime by a customer.
2.  The successful marketer sells to the ‘mask’ or behaviour rather than the customer.
3.  Products and corporations also exhibit clear ‘persona’ behaviours.
The Most Important Persona Consideration
Persona behaviours are not precise but rather provide perspectives of behaviours.
The Neuropersona brand reminds us that the stories of a persona mask don’t belong to us or to the mask wearer.
The stories that create or make up the mask are related to observations of behaviours in a span of time and geography important to the persona and to the person looking at the persona.
Visit our sites and use the tools and references like the Story Lens that we have created to make it simple for experienced in the persona approach and those just starting to exploy how to create Neuropersona value.

Yahoo and Future Facing Perspectives

Yahoo and Future Facing Perspectives

The Yahoo ‘announcement’ below via Yodel Ancedotal helps us illustrate how you can shift from a backward facing perspective, typical of business, marketing and operational perspectives, to one that is future facing.

Golden Necklace
Following a golden necklace as it flows into and through a repair depot helps us understand how we can switch from backward to future facing perspectives.
Initially the perspective of the wearer meets the perspective of the repairer.
Repair process flow options may be complex and determined by an initial repair inspection and adjusted after subsequent repair inspections as the necklace leaves one place in the repair depot and flows to another.  The initial repair inspection is at the perspective of the mountain and the others are in the valley.

Can we shift from a backward facing transactional perspective to a forward facing navigational perspective?

As the necklace enters a work center or a process hub it carries the stories of previous flow navigation and future options based on repair inspection probabilities.
This means that forward repair hubs have an early warning indicator of how future repair hub capacity may be impacted.

A Valley Perspective
It is possible to shift repairs to do the same work at different repair hubs helps plan work and balance capacity.

A Mountain Perspective

The forward repair stories are carried by the Necklace to each repair hub sequentially discarded as the Neclace repair proceeds towards completion regardless of the Valley inspection outcomes.

The Necklace follows the stories of previous repairs just like water in a stream.

Yahoo asks you to Declare Behaviours

“…But do you know what kind of Twitter user you are?…”

Yahoo asks you to Identify your Neuropersona affinities OR which behavioural masks feel comfortable to wear.  http://personati.wordpress.com
“…we’ve developed a Facebook quiz that acknowledges that there’s more than one side to each of us. In our Split Personality…”

Which Neuropersona Mask?

A behaviour declaration is another way to understand the mask worn.

“…* Matchmaker – You pass along lots of URLs to make sure everyone’s connected…”

OR cut to the chase,

“…you’ll answer ten multiple-choice questions to determine whether you’re more like Tiger Hilfiger, Galileo Cronkite or Bono Rockefeller (etc.). And then we’ll suggest websites to add to your Yahoo! Homepage that match your dueling passions. What’s your split personality?…”

http://www.SpeedSynch.com acts as a CONTENT or PRODUCT off-ramp to PERSONAE.

It aligns content or products to customers-more sales, more customers or both.


http://www.SpeedSynch.com acts as a CONTENT or PRODUCT on-ramp for PERSONAE.

It aligns customers to content or products-easier or faster NAVIGATION or both.

Navigation is facilitated by stories, one word or more, and images.

Brilliant value is created by combining stories and numbers to facilitate navigation from two simultaneous perspectives.

The forward value created by navigation and process flows will be explored next time when we look at the story of Jewellery repair and FedEx.

What’s your social mojo?Posted: 13 Aug 2009 10:08 PM PDT As Twitter becomes more mainstream, everyone and their mother (and grandmother… and mayor… and daytime TV host) is trying their hand at the tweet. But what they might not realize is that how you use Twitter can say a lot about you.

In honor of our new Yahoo! Homepage, which was designed to be customized to reflect your true personality, we’ve launched a new tool that helps you analyze your social mojo. Just enter your Twitter username and our highly scientific pipe thingy goes to work to determine exactly what kind of Twitter persona you possess. You might be a:

  • § Headliner – You’re the star of the Twitterverse, have tons of followers, and have retweets the likes of Ashton Kutcher and Perez Hilton
  • § Crowd Pleaser – You use lots of hashtags and are in on all the hot conversations
  • § Cheerleader – Retweeting is how you roll
  • § B.F.F. – Your volume of @replies makes you everybody’s best bud
  • § Party Animal – With so many followers, you’re the life of the party
  • § Private Eye – Like any good investigator, you’re following a boatload of people
  • § Concierge – You live for links and sending people to the best stuff
  • § Word Whiz – You’re a natural wordsmith and make the most of your 140 characters
  • § Lone Wolf – You’re more of a low-profile type (some might even accuse you of lurking)
  • § Name Dropper – You use lots of @names when you tweet
  • § Matchmaker – You pass along lots of URLs to make sure everyone’s connected
  • § Wall Flower – You don’t tweet much but you’re still in on the party
  • § Novelist – You have a lot to say and tweet with a lot of characters to prove it
  • § Shadow – You follow lots of people like a good shadow would
  • § Scenester – If there’s a hashtag conversation happening, you’re there
  • § Tweethead – Your high number of retweets shows you like to spread the good stuff

And once you get your assessment, we suggest a number of related websites that you can add to your very own Yahoo! Homepage to help feed your mojo.

Give it a try — http://yahoo.knowyourmojo.com… and then tweet about it. (And be sure to follow us on Twitter — we’re a Concierge.)

Nicki Dugan
Blog Editor



Go to www.adscenario.com and ask us how Yahoo’s use of Neuropersona masks can help you!


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One Neuropersona: Mardi Gras | Carnival Mask

Masks are simple ways to express to an audience the behaviours they might expect from its wearer or the person behind the mask.  We call the person and the mask a NEUROPERSONA.

It is important to note that a person can wear any mask at any time, as they desire.

We take time to understand Neuropersona behaviours so that we can serve the people behind the mask to get them to the content and products that they desire OR to help our customers get their content and products to the appropriate Neuropersonae.  This we do with different tools and techniques including www.speedsynch.com

Mardi Gras | Carnival Mask

Originally uploaded by *Arielle*

A mask is a very simple way to represent a Neuropersona or a set of behaviours.

A persona can wear many masks during the day and the best way to serve the person is to accomodate the mask behaviours.


Bing and Process Driven Search

Microsoft’s Bing search engine is quickly gaining market share and has finally taken Microsoft to what Amazon has known for years, search is process driven.  People search because they have work to do.

Amazon has proven this point by helping people find, buy and receive books.  They they extended the value to a marketplace (think E-Bay) and then they took their back-office and offered it as a SAS (software as service) to help their customers start businesses (think Oracle and now Microsoft and IBM).

How do you exploit process driven search and the buzz around Microsoft’s Bing?

Build a way for people to go even faster and start with understanding Story Lenses , Neuropersona masks and Media.


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Media Under Siege

Media is about to change drastically with the acceleration of Amazon’s Kindle E-Ink reader.

Newspapers once controlled the eyeballs by controlling distribution and the paper and up until now the browser has chipped away at their business model.

E-Ink, recently purchased by PVI in Taiwan and Amzon’s KINDLE provide an Apple-like business model or distribution environment and remove the paper.  

Personalized navigation options, which we are developing now, moves E-Ink beyond the search engine very soon.





Neuropersona Search

Neuropersona search is the application of the persona concept to speeding up and improving the quality of search two important ways:  1)  Gives the Searcher tools and perspectives  2)  Aligns the content and navigation and searchers.

Neuropersona Search Pump
Neuropersona Search Pump

 Searchers are provided with Neuropersona masks that fit their objectives and speed up the search process by taking advantage of content that is categorized by a Neuropersona Refinery.  The Neuropersona Refinery is an addition to a search engine like Google, Microsoft FAST or Yahoo that tags according to Neuropersona Story Lens perspectives.

Simply put search is speeded up by aligning the needs of a searcher with content which includes images, text and numbers.  This can be done with considerable detail or at a more general level depending on Neuropersona search objectives and the needs of the content holder or owner.


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Manga Media Neuropersona

The Manga similarity to Media is worth examining when considering how to employ Neuropersona masks.

Media is a container and carries content from a source to a destination and Manga does the same.  Each Manga character carries stories which interact with each other as part of a larger story.

Manga characters add a flavour to each exchange, page or story, the same way Media content adds flavour to a situation, place and time.

Advertisers create Media content or exploit content created in the Media to add flavour, hopefully positive, to th products or services they wish to promote.

Manga characters can accomplish the same and express the Neuropersona concept simply. 

A Neuropersona is a mask that represents behaviour, a cluster of stories or behaviours associated to the mask.  In the marketplace customers can wear or remove Neuropersona masks at will in their day.

Marketers and Advertisers who employ the Media would do well to consider how the content and its delivery will reach the appropriate Neuropersona.  Targeting the person behind the mask is an error as their behaviour is represented by the Mask.

Consider someone buying something for someone else or buying something to return to a neighbour or buying something for a gift.

The concepts of Manga, Media or story container and Neuropersona provides insight typically unavailable when using conventional marketing research techniques or analytical tools.


Scent of Success

Unlike anything else scent creates an instant response, mood, story or action; and the emperor of scent is Luca Turin.

 A scent evokes a story and a story evokes behaviour.  See the very old link between No5 and myth.  No5 is coincidentally one of the most successful perfumes in history, and perfumes are the speciality of Luca Turin.


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fMRI and Language Areas


Originally uploaded by Mr Gourmand

Cool image connecting different parts of the brain and language, though mechanics is one thing and predicting desire for Marketers is another.