Neuropersona Search

Neuropersona search is the application of the persona concept to speeding up and improving the quality of search two important ways:  1)  Gives the Searcher tools and perspectives  2)  Aligns the content and navigation and searchers.

Neuropersona Search Pump
Neuropersona Search Pump

 Searchers are provided with Neuropersona masks that fit their objectives and speed up the search process by taking advantage of content that is categorized by a Neuropersona Refinery.  The Neuropersona Refinery is an addition to a search engine like Google, Microsoft FAST or Yahoo that tags according to Neuropersona Story Lens perspectives.

Simply put search is speeded up by aligning the needs of a searcher with content which includes images, text and numbers.  This can be done with considerable detail or at a more general level depending on Neuropersona search objectives and the needs of the content holder or owner.




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