Manga Media Neuropersona

The Manga similarity to Media is worth examining when considering how to employ Neuropersona masks.

Media is a container and carries content from a source to a destination and Manga does the same.  Each Manga character carries stories which interact with each other as part of a larger story.

Manga characters add a flavour to each exchange, page or story, the same way Media content adds flavour to a situation, place and time.

Advertisers create Media content or exploit content created in the Media to add flavour, hopefully positive, to th products or services they wish to promote.

Manga characters can accomplish the same and express the Neuropersona concept simply. 

A Neuropersona is a mask that represents behaviour, a cluster of stories or behaviours associated to the mask.  In the marketplace customers can wear or remove Neuropersona masks at will in their day.

Marketers and Advertisers who employ the Media would do well to consider how the content and its delivery will reach the appropriate Neuropersona.  Targeting the person behind the mask is an error as their behaviour is represented by the Mask.

Consider someone buying something for someone else or buying something to return to a neighbour or buying something for a gift.

The concepts of Manga, Media or story container and Neuropersona provides insight typically unavailable when using conventional marketing research techniques or analytical tools.



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