Business Intelligence Neuropersona

 Business Intelligence vendors miss opportunities and may go the way of CRM.

  1. Data ‘cubes’ or arrays are still under valued and relatively mis-understood
  2. Consultants promote backward facing analysis and clients continue to swallow the pill
  3. BI has gone the way of CRM, too expensive little value
  4. Fast and inexpensive software will sink BO, Cognos, and ERP ‘petrified’ software.
  5. Business decision makers will DNA-embed experience into process.

 The last one may yield the most interest and controversy and will allow key business decision makers to craft ‘Neuropersona‘ masks that reflect their decision making experience in a focused way and worn by people that are execute processes.

 Think of a performer who wears the King’s mask to have credibility when passing on their message.  Here the mask provides the decision maker’s perspective to the wearer who is the messenger and the audience.




3 Responses to Business Intelligence Neuropersona

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  2. scenario2 says:

    Media can be analyzed like Business Intelligence Software vendors as their stories appear to be backward facing, for the most part.

    Consider music as media and the observation that in tough times the music played or created is not as happy as what is played or written in good times. Is this true?

    It depends on why you listen to music or focus on a story as it is naturual to discuss the ‘facts’ of what happened differently to examining the possibility of what could happen.

    What could happen is very different again from the hope or wish to win a lottery and all three of these way of thinking or seeing are important.

    There may be problems however if they are confused which tends to be the case with software makers who focus on telling people what happened and then leaping to the conclusion that their tools or techniques make the leap to creating a happy future.


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