Masks vs Buy Button

Is there a “Buy Button” and why do customes do something else when advertisers hit the Buy Buttton, again and again?

The ‘BuyButton Boys’ insist the brain has a ‘buy button’ that they can show you, for a fee.  Of course this is confusing as if this idea existed why would they tell you about it but rather use it themselves?  It is much harder to help people buy or help them understand how a product helps them accomodate their process, story and objectives.

Maybe the Buy Button shows you why people buy?  Well…probably not as the way people measure changes, quickly.

Command and control is a very comforting thought for marketers and their customers who want to minimize risk in oder to maximize ‘ROI’ or return on investment.  So lets’ look carefully at risk mitigation or risk reduction.

  • Customers buy your product to help them do something or accomodate a PROCESSES.
  • They have a STORY in mind, perhaps many, when they are looking for a way to get the job done.
  • Customers MEASURE what they are doing because they have limited time, money, energy….
  • Usually people have BRAND preferences, usually to minimize their own risk.
  • SOFTWARE helps people do the job or find the product to help them.


A Story Lens helps a marketer understand which story, process, software, brand and measures are important to a customer at one moment in time so that they can be offered the closed product value proposition.

Why is a mask better?

Masks trump buttons because people can remove one mask and wear another depending on the stories and processes important to them at one moment in time.

Masks provide perspectives, buttons claim to provide instant respose.

If you believe that your customer needs change and they have freedom to make choices then use masks to understand them.  On the other hand if you believe your customers are robots, look for their buy button.




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