Invisible Customers

‘Invisible Customers’  are customers we ignore who feel invisible or customers we can’t recognize.

Let’s assume that you don’t ignore customers but rather don’t recognize them.  How does this happen?

  • A past customer all of a sudden ‘dis-appears’ and becomes invisible.
  • A new customers ‘appears’ from being invisible.

Some of you are now thinking, ‘What a minute, a customer that appears is not invisible’, but this is not accurate.

Obviously the customer that appears from the ‘invisible’ acquired some value when they became a customer and were not recognized as a prospective customer, and in my view there is no such thing as a customer but just prospects, and this is the solution to our problem of invisible customers.

If prospects become ‘customers’ then we know who they are, no worries.  However if we acquire an ‘invisible customer’ or one not on our radar, in other words not identified as a prospect, we are in trouble!

Why?  Because the value of our product is mis-aligned to who we believe will benefit.  See tools to help you re-align.




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