Buyology, fMRI and Neuropersona

fMRI is sometimes seen like a ‘mind machine’ or rather as a tool that can tell us what people think. I think not.

It is simple enough to understand that many different things can cause the same parts of the brain to ‘light up’. To clearly show a picture of the subtle connections between products and people interesting to marketers or brains would have to be big, very big.

Our brains are multi-functional, they deal with complex things and more than occassionaly the same part of the brain would light up.

photoshop practice again  Originally uploaded by nats

See this post about the ‘simple’ sense of smell and then think about the idea that the nose can be simply fooled. Marketers will be fooled the same way. Or rather the companies that pay large fees.

There is a simpler way to understand the relationship between people and products; stories. While tools like fMRI can fill in parts of the puzzle they are seen as the ‘silver bullet’ or ‘easy button’.

fMRI will evolve, funded in mostly by those who chase the dream of the single certain answer rather than understanding freedom of will or even simple choice rules.



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