Monkey See, Monkey Do

Scientists tend to place considerable emphasis on something called the ‘MIRROR TEST’ where one animal, perhaps a monkey, sees another monkey doing something and same parts of the brain of both monkeys becomes excited, the one doing the action and the one observing.

There are a number of simple ways to explain this without the baggage of science. 

  1. Living vicariously through the exploits of someone else. 
  2. Envy
  3. I saw someone do it and therefore I know how to do it, whether it is climbing a mountain or doing a double reverse dunk on the basketball court.

Why is this important to Marketers?

Apparently they believe that if they can stimulate the brain of someone with a message that excites the same part of the brain as someone who ‘recommends’ a product the message has been successful.  A considerable amount of energy and ‘science’ is devoted to ‘proving’ which messages will excite the part of the brain necessary to stimulate the buying public.  fMRI machines and EEG techniques are touted as often as possible andreams of academic tests are quoted to achieve the desired result.

What is worse, look at the number of academics enrolled in or teaching fMRI applied to marketing. 

Monkey see, Monkey do.

Be careful of this simple outlook especially if you spend money with marketers.  You may be the real monkey in the interaction.




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