WOMANIZER Secret Sauce

 This is a follow-up to the BRAIN ECHO post.
The SECRET SAUCE in WOMANIZER is understanding how EMPATHY and SYMPATHY operate simultaneously.
PERSONA GUIDE -- Empathy vs Sympathy Balance

PERSONA GUIDE -- Empathy vs Sympathy Balance

From http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2008/08/080830192456.htm

I have participated in a similar experiment with no blindfold where the– 

  1. Experimenter strokes my hand (behind the separator) and the false hand in front of me so I ‘feel’ the false hand. 
  2. Experimenter stops touching my ‘hand’, takes a large needle hidden in their lap and sticks it in the false hand.

Usually the subject screams as they ’empathize’ with the false hand but some subjects, including me, respond much less dramatically as while we sympathize with the false hand we don’t scream or jump as we see the needle plunged into the false hand. 

 The ability to empathize is good until it gets out of balance. 

 Good Persona construction strikes a balance between empathy (perspective from inside the subject) and sympathy (perspective from outside the subject).  Indeed we strive for multiple simultaneous perspectives in a Persona build otherwise the measures are imbalanced.  Perspectives are reflected in a combination of numbers and stories.

 How can I use this understanding commercially?

Empathy is a good to to help align company Products (seller) to PERSONA perspectives (buyer)

In future posts we’ll explore the connection between SHELL, GBN, Pierre Wack, Sufism, Scenarios and multiple simultaneous perspectives.






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