Market THIS

Why do we use the word NEURO?
Partially fad, partially truth, but mostly because the value of marketing is connecting stories of products to stories of buyers or consumers.

Does NeuroScience Marketing exist? No, it is a label, but PERSONAE act like they have DNA so NEURO fits here.  Marketing is also a label, it describes behaviours and this leads us to the value of Personae or different Persona.

A Persona is a mask that is made up of stories and processes that illustrate Persona behaviours, past, present or future. While a PERSON can many PERSONA masks,  a PERSONA mask doesn’t representing a person.

You can market to a mask and marketing to a mask means accomodating PERSONA BEHAVIOUR regardless of the PERSON behind the mask.  The PERSON behind the mask can remain anonymous and will respond to products that accomodate their behavioural needs.

Consider successful web sites and why they are constructed to accomodate Personae rather than marketing groups. Behaviours span groups and there is no better way to serve people than by letting them choose options to accomodate their behaviours.



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